Monday, May 17, 2010

I am the worst blogger

No wonder no one will read this. I never blog. OK, more like I forget to post something or something happens that I don't have time or I am just boring. OK, maybe not boring, more like lazy. So, since the beginning of May until now, what has been going on. Hmmmm.....Well.....
Lizzie has had a couple more soccer games. Freezing cold, windy, raining, soccer games. One her team won and one they lost. They had a blast and are starting to understand the sport a little better. Granted, there are team parents who "forget" to show up to the practice and games so the kids who are there are working their butts off. I think Lizzie likes the game of soccer, but not sure if she wants to do it again so soon. Now she is talking about joining dance class with Cicely. I think I like her in soccer better. Cheaper by a long shot. Lizzie has two more games to play this week and then she is done for this season. Might keep her in soccer though, but not sure which league. The Castle Rock Rec league is too hard to get to on Tuesday and Thursdays. I have to say that Kim is an amazing coach and kicks butt at teaching these kids how to play the game. So much fun to watch. Always knew she was hilarious, but this is even better.

Cicely's first dance recital went very well. A little long, but well. She really loves dance class and enjoys the kids she is starting to get to know. The recital was supposed to be the weekend of the 8th, but then got moved to the 15th. Right smack dab in the middle of community rodeo, which I have dedicated my next two months too. Her costume was so cute and she did her dance steps perfectly. Granted, I am her mom and can say that. I was so enthralled with the fact that my little girl is getting bigger every day.

Shelby has done two rodeos this month away from home. One in Greeley and one in Eagle. Both she didn't place high, but sounded like she had fun. Sounds like Greg is starting to enjoy himself too. Shelby is also going to be a full-fledge high school graduate on Saturday. So hard to think of her as a grown up woman now. I still remember when I met her when she was 10 years old. Tiny little thing with a ton of hair. She helped out at community rodeo over the weekend as well. Actually, she helped for about a minute and sat on the rails when the bull riders came out. Yea, she's a teenager. She has been out of school for the past few days and is not getting ready to leave home. I think she likes it here. I know her dad does. He is going to have such a hard time when she moves out.

Speaking of the butthead I call my beloved husband. He has already gone to the doctor once about his back problems and constant headaches. I know that he is not taking better care of himself, it's just the way he is. He has also been working way too hard and people at work are driving him crazy. He's a good guy though and hope that all his hard work eventually pays off. He also helped a little bit this weekend, but told me later that this was my weekend to play and have fun so he became Mr. Mom. This is why I married him. For little things like that. Love this guy.

So on to my life of rodeo. I LOVE rodeo. I love working behind the scenes of rodeo. Loved being in the announcer's box (crow's nest) and hanging out up there. Enjoyed the camaraderie of the volunteers and the contestants. It was amazing. The Elizabeth Stampede Community Rodeo is dedicated towards the community at hand. Getting the town of Elizabeth to come out and watch some fun. And I think we had a pretty good crowd considering on Saturday night we had rain, hail, lightning, thunder, and a tornado. Springtime in Colorado is always unpredictable. Friday was the start of getting the arena ready. We put up banners, checked on the stands, made sure no trash was around, and wondered aloud if the bog that was called the arena would dry out. Apparently, one of the water pipes that runs under the the arena floor burst and made our sand pit into a bog of mud and goop. With prayers in our hearts, we headed out to finish our days and pray for no more rain. That night after Cicely's rehearsal, we headed over to the Kick Off party, which was a blast. Danced the night away, that's for sure.

Saturday, at 5:30 in the gosh darn early morning, I headed my tired self down to the arena to figure out the plan of attack. Helped with vendor set up and made sure they were OK. Walked around talking to people and then headed up to the crow's nest where we danced the day and night away to keep warm. Learned a bunch about the different timed events as well. Around 1pm, I headed over to the recital with Cicely and met up with the grandparents. Cicely's recital was way too cute and she really did a great job. So very proud of her. After kissing the girls and my parents off, I went back to the rodeo grounds for more fun. It was the Celebrity Stick Horse Championship. Teams from around the area competed on stick horses to win money for their favorite charities. So much fun when to watch the HS Rodeo kids versus their parents. In other words, Shelby vs. Greg. LOVED IT! I didn't leave the grounds until after 10:30 or so and figured out about that time that I hadn't eaten since breakfast. Made a quick dinner and then off to bed.

Sunday was Cowboy Church and getting ready for roping events. Not a whole heck of a lot to do in the morning, but did get to see more people that day. The roping events, tie down and bulldogging, were interesting to watch with someone explaining it along the way.

We had a lull in the schedule so we invited friends over for lunch. Such a fun family and they keep us in stitches. Really like being around the Burges. After lunch was more tie downs and that's when things really picked up. Had a new announcer for the afternoon who really knew his stuff and was fast. Enjoyed my time up there.

By late Sunday afternoon, it was time to go get the girls. We were meeting Mom and Ralph at Castle Cafe which is one of our favorite splurge restaurants. Had a good dinner, but I think we were all beat tired.

Got today done and now for tomorrow. Wednesday Toni and Gil show up for a week which should be fun time. Shelby graduates on Saturday and starts getting ready for her next adventure. It's going to be even more busy until the middle of June. Whew.

Until then.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You know, it's funny

Ok, maybe not funny haha, but funny just the same. I say every week that my life is not that exciting and yet I come to Sunday afternoons when I can finally sit down to type this thing out and realize "Holy COW PATTIES!". Well, ok I don't really say that out loud but want too. We really are getting busy again, must be spring time.

Monday was Monday, typical day where you want to slam that alarm clock across the room and have it beg for mercy. Going to work is another fun day of taking care of other people's problems and allowing them to scream in your ear.

Tuesday was soccer practice. Lizzie is really coming along with soccer and is really starting to enjoy it much more. Cicely would rather play on the playground for the hour, which is fine my me. She's having fun and not whining. We did start a new game in the car when they start to whine. If I hear that voice, I start whistling like a bird and tell them the bird is about ready to land on their lip because they have it out so far. Works every time because instead of hearing the whiny voice, I hear giggling. Anyway, Tuesday was also picture day and Lizzie got her very first soccer girl shot. So cute! Can't wait to see it when it is done.

Wednesday is work late night. My boss is convinced that the others on the desk have a hard time that I leave a little early on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of soccer. Which is funny, because they don't care. In any case, he makes me work an additional half hour on Wednesday "until the new guy is up to speed". This translates, you are working late on Wednesdays until you leave the company. The bright side to this is that one of the women I have met through rodeo had a jewelry party at her house. So much fun and Greg got me some very cute earrings for Mother's Day. Greg doesn't shop for anything related to gifts.

Thursday was supposed to be the soccer game, but Mother Nature was having either a bipolar moment or PMS or both and it was snowing, raining windy, and sunny at the same time. Hence, cancelling the game again. UGH! Lizzie has only played one game so far and I don't think she has the concept of how soccer is supposed to work. Crossing fingers she will be able to play this week.

Friday was long but so glad when it was finally over. Greg and Shelby were starting to get their things together for Henderon's rodeo and Shelby off to the prom. She said that she had a good time, but glad it is finally over. We went to dinner at our normal place and was able to catch up with the standard locals.

Saturday, Greg and Shelby left not so quietly for Henderson and I tried to get a few more minutes of sleep. 5:30am on the weekend is very early! Not going to happen since Cicely was already dressed for dance class. So up I went to make coffee and try to wake up. After dance class and dropping off the groceries, the girls and I head up to Evergreen to see my folks. Spent a few hours up there before I had to race down to town to get ready for the pig roast that the Elizabeth Stampede was putting on in Kiowa. So much fun! They ran out of food, which sounds like will be a tradition since they did the same thing last year. They had this amazing band that played all the country songs from the past. There was a dance contest, silent auction, and just a ton of fun. Got home early and off to bed again.

Today was helping some of the board members from the Elizabeth Stampede put up signs for the rodeo. That was entertaining in itself. I just love to see men realize that i am not a wimp and can pull my own weight if I have to. Plus, the men were just fun to be around. Now it is time to get the girls home again and relax for the rest of the night before starting up again. Sigh....really need to find a new job.

Until then...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend fun

My weekend began a little earlier than normal. Every six months, Roper has it's huge warehouse sale. It is mecca to Shelby and me, with a whole warehouse full of western boots, shirts, jeans, belts, wallets, purses, jackets, boots, vests, boots, and boots. Because of our lifestyle and the country aspect of our lives in general, wearing Roper or Stetson is a must. And this sale scares Greg to death. We can get great deals on so many different things and are able to share the wealth to others who like to wear the same type of clothing. Plus, it is just fun! This year, like I have in the past, I sent emails out to friends who not live in the country-type lifestyle, but to others who wanted to experience a once in six month event. Used to be when we started going to this sale, it was invitation only. Now, it is open to whomever reads their site or is a friend on FB with them. And the other thing you can always count on for the sale is a snow storm. Not a dry, sweet, and innocent storm but a wet and unforgiving storm. I always think that Greg talks to Mother Nature the night before trying to convince her to make it one that we cannot get out type storms. Yea right.

Anyway, we had fun and picked up some great things. Saw some friends we haven't seen in a very long time (yes, you make friends at this event too). And found out that Shelby's prom was cancelled for that night. Now, here's the funny story. Shelby wasn't originally planning on going to the prom. She had a HS rodeo in Pueblo this weekend and was planning on doing that instead. She bought a dress though, just in case she changed her mind, but didn't have a date or any plans. Then at the last minute she decided to go, to Greg's relief since he didn't have to trailer down to Pueblo for the weekend. Well, here we are in a long line and her phone lights up. Apparently, the principal of the school decided that it was too dangerous. Here's the wording:

The Elizabeth C-1 School District has cancelled the high school Prom and After Prom events this evening due to hazardous weather and have rescheduled for next Friday, April 30th. The safe travel of students to and from all school sponsored activities is one of our highest priorities and the forecasts throughout the evening have prompted us to reschedule this event.

Seriously? It wasn't that bad! The kids would have been fine, especially the ones who were in limos. The school district rescheduled for next weekend, which of course Shelby can't go to because she has another rodeo. Sigh...the life of a teenager.

By the time we got back, we found out that the power had been out for about four hours. I checked the chicks and ducks, and they seemed ok. With no power, what is a bunch of girls supposed to do (we picked up the girls from school around lunchtime). Started a fire in the stove and read books. With no power either, DADDY! DINNER! meant we got to go out to dinner as well. Which was funny since the rest of the neighborhood was there and we were able to catch up with the gossip going on.

Saturday was a clean up, stay at home, thank goodness the power is back on day. Cicely had dance class, I got chore done, and we just hung out. Watched movies, ate popcorn, and just stayed indoors. The storm was just now finishing up and moving on to the east to raise havoc over yonder.

Sunday is one of those days where we are either running around in five different directions or trying to figure someone out to do. We are not religious to go to church and usually have our own celebration of life and the beginning of another week with a big breakfast and hanging out. With the weather nicer than it has been, we are able to hang outside and enjoy the day. Tomorrow is another day of fun and enjoyment (insert sarcastic snort here).

Until then...

Monday, April 19, 2010


When I lived in Evergreen, the weather was pretty predictable. Cold, warm, hot, cold. That's how the season shaped up too. Winter was down right freezing cold and snowing. You could get between one inch to one foot in an hour, depending on how high up you were. I was about 8500 feet above sea level, so I got lots of snow. Warm would be spring. This is also called mud season where no matter how much you cleaned your carpets, you would have to do it again and again. Hot is summer and it wasn't just hot it was dry heat, way high in the air hot. The nights were relatively cool and comfortable, but the days could get toasty. Then came fall where depending on the year, it could be real cold fall or real warm fall. Always beautiful with the aspen trees changing colors though.

Down on the plains, you never know what you will get. Take tonight for example. We just got home (it's girls' night at the Williams house) and just got everyone fed. Looking west, we could see a possible rain cloud coming. Enough time to do a head count of chickens and ducks, feed the "starving to death" fat horses, run the dogs, and chase the cat into the house. You know when the storm is here because Llani the dog is under a table, your feet, a bed, whatever she can get her body under because the thunder is making noise. So here's how it stacks up in the springtime on the plains. Storm blows in (literally blows hard wind), lightning shoots around, thunder hits, deluge of rain, stop. In about 15 minutes it is done in central/western Elbert County and now it is off to hit the eastern plains of Colorado where there are tornados and hail storms and gosh know what else. That is springtime on the plains for ya. Tomorrow it might snow a foot and the next day it will be in the 80's again, mud season. In the summertime, it is always breezy around here. Hair spray is he mainstay of this house, especially for Shelby and I. Someday I would like to leave the house with the same hair style I completed. Yea, no. Summertime is incredibly warm or hot, but with the breeze, it isn't that bad. We love the summertime and are usually found outdoors until the sun goes down or the kids say that they are hungry and it is 8 o'clock and we haven't had dinner due to chore and running around.

Now fall is not that bad either. Nights it is cooler and darker, days are comfortable. We can still go outside as long as there is light. No major snowstorms, but Mother Nature may throw one here and there to remind us that winter is coming. We don't have the changing leave trees down here either, so it starts to get pretty bland and brown. Starting to can or freeze our vegetable harvest, Greg goes hunting once or twice for the elusive elk, girls start school again, and we revel in the beautiful sunsets.

Winter sucks. Plain and simple, it sucks. I hate winter down here. Hate is a tough word, but when you don't have a garage and have blowing snow (did I tell you it is windy out here about 360 days of the year? Those five days without wind is in the summertime when you are begging for it to come back), it is cold and yucky! We don't have snow totals, we have snow drifts. I think our tallest was eight feet tall. All three girls were able to sled down it. And when it snows, you are stuck inside. The longest we have been stuck inside due to snow is about three days. Two days was the longest to be stuck inside without power. Yea, that was not so fun.

Why do we stay out here? Because it is the way we are. You have to be pretty tough to survive the elements and to really enjoy all that there is on the plains of Colorado. Ranching is tough, farming is tough, living so far from town and family is tough. But you plow a head and remember those beautiful summer days and springtime storms that usually last 15 minutes.

Until then...

Friday, April 16, 2010


Seems like all my postings are starting with some sort of sigh of tiredness. This week was no exception. Got done with a busy weekend, the week was insanely busy, and now another busy weekend. Wonder when I can do a spa day? Got to work on that.

OK, so on with the show. Monday was nothing special. Just had to work a little late to cover for someone at work. The bummer of all this is that I live so far from my office that my commute feels like it is even longer on days like this. By the time I got home, everyone had already eaten and was milling around the house. I come home to dirty dishes in the sink, starving chicks and ducklings, dogs needing a ton of attention, and kids that were smelly. Yea for me. Not really. Tuesday is soccer practice for Lizzie. Cicely is now the backup on the team and loves to play with the kids, but loves to play at the playground even more. So, she's off making friends and Lizzie is trying to pay attention. I'm just trying to stay warm. Again, home life is dogs needing attention, chicks and ducks starving, everyone milling around. See a pattern here? Yea, me too. Wednesday is another late night at work and a meeting for the Elizabeth Stampede Foundation. OK, that's a story right there.

I really wanted to get more involved with our community and what better way in doing this, but to join the volunteer group for the Elizabeth Stampede. Never thinking I would do more that direct people away from cow patties, I am now on three different committees, or at least two that I know of. One is a toss up right now. The Elizabeth Stampede Foundation is a group of women who are raising money for local charities or private groups that need a little more funds. These charities range from breast cancer awareness to homelessness to the food bank to someone needing a few extra dollars because of something. The woman in charge of the group is a go-getter who has lost most of her family to cancer or other illnesses. To hear her story, you stop and wonder how she is still walking around upright. Our first event is in May for a pig roast to raise money to get our group going. The second big thing is a silent auction at the rodeo. It's actually a lot more fun that I first thought too. So Wednesday night, I had dinner with these five women brainstorming ways to have some fun and from what we came up with, should be pretty fun. More later.

Thursday was the big day for Lizzie. It was her first real soccer game. Now, granted she doesn't understand what a soccer game is and loves soccer as it is so I have to say it was very entertaining. She did great and had a ton of fun. She didn't score any goals, but actually pushed the ball along and just rolled around on the ground. I had to race away before the game ended to my last meeting of the week for the Community Rodeo volunteers, my second commitment. OK, bad idea to keep saying Sure I don't mind helping there. Think I am second in command that weekend, but I have to say it is going to be a blast. This group is going to really make the Community Rodeo weekend a ton of fun. Lots of parties, lots of dust, lots of horse and cows. And LOTS of Wranglers and chaps. Best part is that it gives me an excuse to shop. Yea!!

Tonight is Movie Night at the library so the girls and I have a date. Tomorrow and Sunday are packed with a ton of stuff going on. Whew! Somewhere in there I need to get laundry done.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Is it done?

Most weekends, as have been written in the past, are insanely busy. Due to the fact that we leave our house at an ungodly our and get home way past that, there is no time during the week to get most things done. And with it being spring time, it is the start of HS rodeo season which means that Greg and Shelby are gone all weekend. With that, everything else is dropped into my lap to get done. The standard cleaning (more reviews about the Meleuca products too), laundry, etc. and then the other stuff. Like entertaining two very active kids, cleaning out the dog run that has needed to be done weeks ago because it is starting to really smell. Getting the carpet in Greg's office steam cleaned AGAIN because of dirt and a puppy who still hasn't figured out going outside at night. Laundry that is a mile and a half long. Oh and the animals.

Friday starts off as a standard day with Greg and Shelby getting ready to go to Greeley for the weekend to do rodeo. This means Shelby packing half her wardrobe and makeup, Greg taking clean underwear and a hat. Picking the girls up after school, I took them to Chick fe La for dinner. One because I was not in the mood to cook and the second is that it had a play area where they could get some of their energy out. So we hung out there for about an hour until it started getting packed and they got tired. When we got home, first load of laundry went in. I do have to say I like the MelaPower detergent. The scent is very subtle and I do notice a difference in the cleaning. My clothes are coming out nicer that the other stuff I have used in the past. The only thing that I think is cumbersome is that it is in a pump and you have to angle it to the back of the machine to make sure the water gets on it first before dumping the clothes in. Not as easy as powder, that's for sure.

I rented on the pay per view Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squealquel. Ok, such a kid movie, but good music. Girls were boogying down to the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. Anyway, my fun filled Friday night was watching my kids have fun.

Saturday was errand day and running around all day long because Greg and Shelby were gone and I can get a TON done day. Poor Cicely and Lizzie. Dropped Cicely off at dance class, while Lizzie and I did our shopping. I love it when WalMart discounts things to $1. Back to pick up Cicely and head over to the post office for a package. My dad and his wife have never figured out after eight years that I cannot pick up packages during the week. By the time we roll through town, the post office has been closed for at least two hours. And whenever they send anything, it is too big to put into the package boxes. My step-mom loves to shop, especially for little girls. She really outdid herself this time. I now have all the things for not only their birthdays, but for Christmas too. Yippee. Afterwards, we headed home to unload and for Cicely to change out of her dance stuff. Ok, let me back up a second. I asked her to change out of her dance outfit, she says she does, she actually puts clothes on over her dance outfit thinking I won't notice. I am at the point that I don't care and just want to get the day done. Change laundry around, pet a dog or two, and out the door again to CostCo. If you ever want to go to lunch and only have $5 on you, got to CostCo. I can feed the girls with two slices of pizza and three drinks for less that $10. And the slices are so big that there is enough for me too. Back in town, we stop at Big R for an "ahhh" moment of ducklings and chicks and to pick up food for our own brood. To the library for a few things and back home. By this time it is about 3 and I am pooped, the girls aren't though. So back outside to saddle up Poco.

Story behind Poco, the girls' horse. She came to us via Aunt Jane who lives in Washington State. Beautiful state, by the way. So lush and green. Aunt Jane is a character who I adore completely. About two or so years ago, she calls us up out of the blue and tells Greg that Poco will be in Ft. Collins in two days and he needs to pick her up. Luckily, we just picked up a horse trailer so he could bring her back. Jane thought that we needed another horse and decided to send her down. With a saddle too. I used to ride Poco all the time, but she thinks I am a pain because I want her to move around too much, for example trot or canter or heaven forbid go on a trail ride. The girls, on the other hand, just want to ride in the arena every once in a while and she can put up with that. So, out we go to saddle Poco up for the afternoon ride. Lizzie loves to ride and loves to help she she got on first. I hear a lot of "I got it Mama" and "I don't need your help, Mama", so I just usually walk ahead of Poco and help make sure they have their seat. Cicely was up next and she did fine too. Lizzie ran into the house because she had to go to the bathroom, so Cicely and I finished our run around the ring. As we were leaving, I hear a loud scream and crying fit. Me? Not worried at all because I know Lizzie is tired. Until she did it again and Poco did not like it and did what we call a "crow hop". This means she went up startled and came back down, with Cicely on top of her. I don't think I have ever seen her eyes get that big. Turns out Lizzie couldn't get her pants off in time to go potty. Sigh....Everything was fine in the end though.

Sunday was big breakfast and playing outside. We took the ATV (it's a Fisher Price that doesn't go fast) out and ran up and down the driveway a few times. Got more laundry done, vacuuming done, kitchen cleaned, and other odds and ends. Shelby and Greg came home from their trip up north and put their things away. Greg pulled me aside and said that Shelby didn't want to try out for Elizabeth Stampede Queen. I think she is making a HUGE mistake, but that's her choice. She wants to take her horse on more rodeos this summer. Hate to tell her this, but I need her dad close to home for most of it to help around the house and to start or complete things he has been promising to do forever. If she won the Queen title, she can still travel around and would be able to take her horse. Not sure if there is anything in the manual about her not being able to compete then either. And then Greg got a call from Chris, our "farm hand". He doesn't think Chris is cut out to work with Corky because he is inexperienced. Then Shelby pipes up that he might teach Corky bad habits. Corky is a walking bad habit. I think they are both crazy, but what do I know. I am just a novice in their eyes. Whatever. Greg doesn't like seeing someone else working with his horse. REALLY? Like he has time! At least Chris is willing to work with the dang horse. And Shelby keeps calling him evil so there's no help there. I don't have time with taking care of the other billion things going on around that place. So fricken frustrated with those two.

Anyway, more reviews of the products. Like I said, I like the MelePower and will probably get it again. The Sol-d-Mel is ok. Did a good job for every day chores of cleaning the counter tops and sinks, but not the best on tougher stains like rust. Didn't see any changes in a sink we have in our bathroom. Might buy another bottle, we'll see. Still a big time no on the vitamins. I'll just get whatever my doctor says to buy. Thinking of trying the toothpaste next.

Until then...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some days

It's amazing to me how some bloggers I read can write every day. Eloquently as well. Me? Not so much because my life ain't that exciting. Most days, like Monday through Friday when I am working, are not that exciting. Answering phones, answering questions, hanging up phones, starting all over again. So not exciting. Sometimes something "exciting" will happen like a virus filled email will infect the whole firm and the panic will begin. Oh my gosh! Call the guards! Get the horses ready! Where's my spear! It's just an email. If you didn't buy something from Amazon, didn't send you resume out to Google, or know someone by the name of Jessica who wants you to follow her on Twitter, DELETE IT!! Pretty simple. Sigh....

Weekends are different though. Those are fun filled action pack type that I love and revel in. This weekend, Greg and Shelby will be heading up to Greely for rodeo without the spurs this time. Shelby learned the hard way not to spur Quincy unless necessary. They leave on Friday and will stagger in Sunday night. The girls and I have an fun filled action pack weekend of dance class, errands, and who knows what else. It is going to be a beautiful spring weekend, so outdoor fun is in store. Might take the chicks and ducklings out to their soon to be home, but we'll see.

One thing to note though, I bought a few products through Meleleuca recently that I am going to review. Mostly for me so it will remind me if I want to order them again or not. And if anyone decides to read this crazy blog one day (stumbling across it because searching was fun and thought this might be too) and decide to figure out what other nuts are buying this stuff, here ya go:

My first order I placed I only ordered three things:

MelaPower® 6x Detergent—96-load, Fresh Scent
Koala Pals™ Multivitamin—120 tablets
Sol-U-Mel® 3-in-1 Cleaner—16 fl.oz., Original Scent

First off is the MelaPower. When buying it, it is recommended to get the pump with can dole out the exact amount needed. Note to self, do not leave it on the dryer where the dogs can knock it over. Think I lost four loads right there. UGH. The scent is very subtle and when the clean clothes come out of the dryer, you can't smell the scent as you could with regular products. Truthfully, I don't see a savings for this product since I can buy laundry detergent that can wash 120 loads for about the same price. And with the fact that it says on the label to wash at the warmest temperature possible, how is that saving me money when I am not only running the electricity for the washer, but now my furnace as well. The true test will be when I was the kids' clothes, which I did last night but haven't had a chance to look at them yet. If this stuff is as good as I understand, then I might change my mind. Good? Maybe. Buy again? Not sure.

Koala Pals™ Multivitamin was a resounding NO by the girls. I got the cherry flavor and they spit them out. They did not like the flavor, texture, and the chalky after taste. They would rather have their gummy bear (sugar free) multi-vitamins instead. I tried them out and they are cherry flavor for a second, with a fizz, and very chalky. Also, with the multivitamins I have been giving the girls (Lil Critters Gummy Vites) there is no after taste, no chalky, and more than one flavor. Buy again? Resounding NO.

Last product was what is considered "liquid gold", Sol-U-Mel® 3-in-1 Cleaner. From reading the back, it doesn't take much to put together in a 16 fluid ounce bottle. I did not feel the need to buy one of their bottles and will pick one up this weekend. I have a few uses for this product and will give a review on it later this week. If it can get out the stains and smells that it says it cans and that Michelle goes on and on about, then I might buy it again. We'll see.

Anyway, tonight is soccer so that should be fun. Tomorrow is another day and then the fun filled weekend begins.

Until then...